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Mine Runner 1 Click here to play!
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A graphic creeper in mine runner 1 is in need of help to implement his venture. Kind as those fans are, certainly you will assist his endeavor. Along the route in this minecraft game online, there are obstacles as well as opponents, try to avoid confronting them to the maximum of your capacity. The score shall be equal to the distance of your trek. The longer it is, the higher score you earn for sure. Especially, there will be a lot of gold coins on the path. Try to collect them as much as possible. Players will not be in force of speeding up their character because it is already set automatically, your task, henceforth, includes managing the creeper smoothly to overcome the barriers meanwhile earning bonuses. Join in minecraft game and see if it possible culminates you to a glorious triumph our friends.


Press W/S/ to attack or duck
Use A/D to move
Press spacebar to jump


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